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I wrote my first blog about two years ago. I wasn’t expecting much as far as results go, so I was pleasantly surprised when I received many comments and new subscribers from just that first blog. I now have over 24,000 subscribers and they keep growing every day. So, my ego got hooked.

I get to the point fast, so you are not dragged through a lot of boring reading to get to the heart of it. My blogs cover topics such as: “How to Ace College”, “How to Get a Permanent Job Using Temp Agencies”, and “The Fun and Terror of Being Cast in a Play”,

I am single and live in Hickory, NC. I am retired from the corporate and non-profit sector. I love dancing and once owned my own ballroom studio. I am addicted to eating dark chocolate, lobster, and the occasional Margarita. Oh, wait. I am also addicted to pistachio nuts, pizza and thinly shaved onion rings.

I come from a family of scientists, psychologists and lawyers.  I have three brothers and a sister.

I work hard to make sure the blogs I publish are of high quality and worth your time to read. I’d love to welcome you as a new subscriber.

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