June 9, 2016

Hi, Subscribers ~

The following incident happened to me a long time ago, but I thought you might like to be aware of it.

My mother died from lung cancer about 12 years ago.  My father died 9 months afterwards.

During my mother’s short stay in the hospital, my brothers, sister and I visited her. We were stunned and shocked to see this otherwise vibrant and funny lady in a hospital bed, thinner, pale, with tubes coming out of everywhere.

This may sound weird, but this reality shock forced us to see our parents as real people, not just mom or pop.  It’s a very lonely and scary feeling.  This granite figure in our lives, whom we had always taken for granted, is now worn down to sand and is going to leave us forever.

I want to tell you how one of my brothers dealt with her impending death.  I wish to hell I had thought of it.

I watched him sit on the side of her bed.  While holding her hand, he read a long, long list of things he wanted to thank her for.

He went all the way back to kindergarten and thanked her for walking him to and from school everyday; helping him with his homework; all the wonderful birthdays she had planned for him and remembering the details of everything she had done for him all the way up through his graduation from law school.

Maybe this idea will help some of you who are dealing with the impending death of anyone you love.

Best wishes,



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