August 23, 2016

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How many of you think North is straight up? That West is left and East is right and South is straight down?

That has been a problem for me my whole life. I get lost everywhere. Don’t tell me something is “due North” because I have no idea what you are talking about.

People think I am kidding…until they drive with me.   I am cruising along with a passenger and suddenly they start screaming:

“NO, Ann – it is west, it’s west!”

“WHAT is?  Where am I?”

“You are going east!”

“What the hell is east?”

I am obsessed about being on time for everything and always, always have to cushion in “getting lost time” – usually 15 to 30 minutes prior to the event.

I live in a small town and when I first moved here I worked as a temp.  Giving me directions was hopeless.  Luckily, the agency knew everything by a landmark, such as:

“Okay, let’s see.  Ann, when you leave your apartment, you want to turn left onto the main road.  Head towards  the Goodyear building which will be on your right.  Keep going until there is a McDonald’s and turn left. Then, keep going until you see a large strip mall on your right.  Just past this strip mall, turn right again and go for about a mile until you see a small white brick building on your left.  That’s where you want to be.”

I am in panic mode as I start out.  But, usually I will do a dry run the day before – and still get lost. Sometimes it is so bad, I can’t even find my way home and am pulling into every gas station I see.  The first guy’s directions I can understand up to a point, but then three miles later, I have to pull into another gas station, and on and on. Then finally I am home.

When I know with certainty I am going to get lost finding my next assignment (my “dry runs” don’t work), I call a cab and write down the directions as he drives. Cab drivers are great. They are so patient with me. They point out the landmarks and where to turn while I am furiously writing it down in blood. Once home, I type it up as a Word document.

Okay, I now have the directions to get there, but how to get back? Smarty-pants people will be stunned and say: “You just go back the way you came!!” The word idiot is not said but heavily implied. Okay, smarty-pants, I can’t find my way back because there are stores, parking lots, etc. I didn’t notice coming in so the landmarks aren’t as easy to find. (Someone, anyone, please tell me this happens to you, too!)

Another problem is knowing what lane I am supposed to be in to make that left turn.  Seems easy, but when I get into a lane it is suddenly posted as “Right Turn Only”, I can’t slide my car over, so I have to drive around the block to get re-oriented again.

The absolute worst is when I turn off a major highway and come up to that sign that says: “Middleton left arrow” and “Townsend right arrow”.  I am not going to either of these places, so do I turn right or left?

They invented GPS for people like me.  I wish I knew how to use it. My closest thing to a GPS is Google maps.

Okay, I am pathetic.  I know.  But you also need to know that if you invite me to dinner, I’ll bring a gourmet dessert because I do know my way around a kitchen.

Best wishes to you all,


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