April 18, 2017

Hi, Subscribers ~

My computer slid into a coma after my recent move. But, it is all better now after an upgrade.

I am going to tell you some things I have seen or heard that are off the wall or close to it.

I am sure you have all seen the Lay’s potato commercial where the father potato comes home from work and finds his potato wife in the pantry eating a Lay’s potato chip. Were you aware you were watching cannibalism?

Oh, while I’m at it, let’s clear up the confusion that “potato” is supposed to have an “e” at the end. I always thought it did. But, apparently,  if it is a singular “potato”, there is no “e”.  But, if it is plural potato then there is an “e”. Thus, we have: potato vs potatoes. Glad I could lay that one to rest.

Here’s a situation I witnessed first hand that really pissed me off.  I was working as a temp in a bank.  An older woman came in with her teenage daughter. Mom wanted to open a checking account for her daughter. Turns out, this girl had been granted a totally full scholarship to a four year college. I pulled out the brochure that showed them the various checks she could chose from. Well, she went straight to the one with sea shells on it. That’s may favorite, too.

While her mom is practically sitting in her lap, she sees the prices for the various checks and tells her brilliant daughter she can not have the pretty checks (a whopping $3 more) and pushes her to pick one that was less expensive.

“Say, WHAT”?  I just wanted to scream at her.

So, I lied.  That girl deserved any check design she wanted.  So, I said: “Oh wait, you’re a student, so you get a discount! You can get any check you want and not have to pay more!” We filled out the paperwork and mom handed me the money.

I knew I had overstepped my authority, but I told the teller the story and I paid the extra $3.  So, mom, stick that where the sun doesn’t shine. Can you believe that? 

One final thought:

We both watch TV and see all these horrible stories about kids and adults being kidnapped and no one can find them. What if scientists and doctors could develop a microchip for children and adults that has a locator signal on it? Then have it gently inserted into a child’s or adult’s shoes, a wrist band, etc.

UPDATE: I just saw a documentary about a woman who had been kidnapped and this procedure is available.

Best wishes to you all and a friendly hello to all my new subscribers,


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