February 10, 2017

Hi, Subscribers ~

Like the new look of my website? I love it! I had no idea I liked peacocks so much, but there they are.

I didn’t intend to make a new design.  It actually came about when I hired a student from the local university to fix some computer quirks on the old site.

I am going to explain the process I used to get this help, because it may very well be an immediate resource you can use, too. Remember my blog entitled: “Passing Algebra and Life”? This is a perfect example of the suggestions I made to you on how to get help for your life and career.

Our university has a department called: “The Career and Professional Development Center”. They have a computerized bulletin board that lists all the part-time jobs off campus. Employers just go to the university website, click on the appropriate link and post the type of part-time help they need. Some of the current posts include: Marketing Intern, Babysitter, Church Nursery Worker, Research Assistant, Special Needs Aid, Camp Counselor and Account Coordinator. The range of jobs is huge.

There is a very simple form you fill out which includes your name and company, how you want to be contacted, phone or email, a description of the job, and the hourly rate you are willing to pay. That’s it.  The university posts it and you wait for a student to reply.

It’s also free!

That’s how I landed a student who is a Junior majoring in computer science who has tons of experience designing web sites.

I made the job description very rigid. I said I wanted someone who had daily experience working with WordPress and Hostgator. There was more to it, but I set the standards high enough to weed out the wimps.

Awhile later, I received an email from a student who initially sounded overqualified.  But, after meeting him and as he started helping me, I realized he was exactly what I needed.

He suggested that my website looked unprofessional and that I needed to add a lot more to it. That surprised me, well, actually it shocked me. I thought my site was fine.

The suggestions he made were new to me, but he sounded like he knew exactly what I needed and how to do it. So, I turned my baby over to him and gave him full custody.

I sat right next to him as he explained that I needed a totally new format. Really? He selected one from WordPress which he had used many times and thought it would work for me.

I sat in stunned silence watching his fingers dance over the keys.  Within two minutes, my entire site had been dropped effortlessly into the new format. It had every feature I could want and more. (I know you are going to ask, so I’ll just tell you now that he chose “Frontier” from WordPress.)

My blog jumped from kindergarten to college.

He suggested I needed to add more links such as: “Blog”, “About” (that’s about me…fascinating reading), and a “Contact” link so you could write to me via my email.

The format also provided a list of previous blogs on the right side, so you can just click on one to open it.

He also added a new subscription form on the upper right to make it easier for you to subscribe and get all future blogs by email.

Once the layout was complete, the fun stuff started.  I needed to pick out some copyright-free artwork for the top of the website. He went to a site for this and showed me the photo of a peacock. And, that’s how I got hooked on peacocks. I loved the colors and we designed the website around those colors. (I know you are going to ask, so go to Google images as a starting point.)

He consulted with me throughout the whole process to see if I liked what he was doing. As I became more comfortable, he went to a place in the computer program which dealt with colors. He helped me pick out the colors I wanted.  Then we mixed and matched, and determined the density and shades of the colors to compliment the ones in the peacock. He helped pick out the typeface and the color on the header.

It was like redecorating a house, only better!

It took a total of six hours over two days and it was done.  What a ride.  Thanks, Matt.

So, that is the backstory to my new website.

Now, I am going to suggest that you hook up with your university or college to see if they have a computerized job postings board. Post an ad for each job you need help with and see what happens.

Please do not confuse this as a site for getting full-time employment for yourself.  These are only part-time listings for the students.

There you have it.

Best wishes to you all,


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  1. Hi Ann, I did not get this recent blog in my email box! Love the new look – pretty! I agree with John, it is easier to navigate and find past subjects. Congrats on the new look! Keep on blogging!

  2. Ann, I really like the new look – much cleaner, more organized and easier to read. I like that I can quickly find your past blogs.
    Take care.

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