May 19, 2017

Hi, Subscribers ~

I have noticed something over the years that may be of interest to you.

Ladies, do you have any idea how easy it is to lift your wallet from your purse while you are grocery shopping? You put your purse in the small area where babies sit. Usually, our purses are open and we feel ok with this because it is right in front of us. But, time after time, how often to do you turn your back to look over the vegetables? At the meat department, how many times have you drifted while looking over chicken pork, steaks leaving your purse behind you in the cart?

I walk past grocery carts that are unattended and I could easily lift your wallet and you would never know it.

I tried it once on a friend who never noticed it was gone until she got to the check-out area. I then handed it to her and she wanted to know why I had it. I told her I had plucked it out of her purse when she looking at frozen foods. (We’re still friends.)

A trick the professionals use is to take the item, but continue walking at a normal pace so as not to attract attention. I read a book written by a serial killer (The Ice Man) who said he was assigned by the Mob to kill a guy. He walked casually into a bar, stab the guy once in the back, which killed him, then yelled: ¬†“Heart attack!!” and slowly walked out to his car and drove off at a normal speed.

I also saw this on the TV show “Ghost Adventures”. The team of men were outside on the sidewalk and had put down all their equipment to discuss something. The producer noticed a guy stealing a piece of equipment. One of the team ran after him and caught him. They replayed the film and the man who stole it never stopped walking, he simple bent down slightly and walked away at a normal gait.

Now that I have taught you how to be a pickpocket and serial killer, I think I will leave it at that.

Behave yourselves,


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  1. I could not resist commenting. Well written!

    1. Hi, medical….Thanks very much! It is great to get your feedback and I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Best, Ann

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